The Best Travel Umrah in Indonesia

(Travel Umrah Terbaik di Indonesia) The Best Tour and Travel Umrah and Hajj in Indonesia - Before an Umrah tour choose the best and reliable Umrah travel partner so that your trip is safe, comfortable and rewarding.

Umrah has many benefits for muslim either as individual or a as a creature created by Allah SWT. Umrah is required an extreme kurban like zakat where we spend our property and time to worship in the way of Allah by visiting Mekkah and Madinah. And then doing some series of cults like Tawaf, Sai and ending with Tahalul.

Hajj travel scams are prompting many people to opt for the list of the most reliable and reliable Hajj and Umrah travel agents in 2021, as the price of the trip are likely to increase.

Many people are willing to search and save a lot of money over several years so that the goal of the holy land can be achieved. However, how would you feel if you lost money due to fraud? Of course it is very unpleasant.

As a result, many people look for trusted travel agents who have multiple sources. Instead of looking for the tour and travel agent that you need to choose from, it's a good idea to identify at some of the most vetted trip provider offices at this point.

Before closing the subject, let's have a little look at the tips for selecting a trusted Agent 2021 list that we could be implemented. What's in there?

Tips for Identifying the Best and Most Trusted List of  Umrah and Hajj Travel Agents 2021

Umrah can also be adapted for all Muslim tourism for those of you who want to visit various tourist destinations in countries close to Saudi Arabia, such as Turkey, which is the gateway to Europe, Dubai with atmosphere. Modern and contemporary urbanites in Asia, Egypt with historical relics etc.

You may have looked for many references, both from the Internet and also relatives, in the list of the best reputable Hajj and Umrah travel agents. But don't need to  rush to decide, other than the lower prices of other travel agencies.

The first thing to do is know more about surfing the internet, from pilgrim critics who use the travel agencies to the number of pilgrims who go out each season.


Any provider of Umrah and Hajj travel services generally must have a permit from the Minister of Religion for State Supervision. This is to prevent fraud from irresponsible people.

So make sure that the list of Trusted Hajj and Hajj and Umrah Bureaus 2021 you choose for permission with the Minister of Religion.

Umrah and Muslim visits are now on demand because instead of being made separately that you may reduce costs. Finding the best and the most trusted offices is essential for the journey to open smoothly.

Jannah Firdaus Tour and Travel is one of the professional Umrah travel agents who can help meet your worship and traveling needs. We are officially registered with travel agents from Umrah and Hajj at the Indonesian Ministry of Religion and have a good travel management system as airplane and hotel tickets are ordered according to departure. Even if there is no registered church.

Prices and Facilities

The latter compares the price and facilities provided. Usually, the official website of each travel office lists the facilities given to believers.

In this case, you should be very important for more information. First, see which prices were issued in accordance with the facilities received and which aspects were not included in the price.

For example, the package prices they offer are cheaper than other tour operators, but the facilities they offer are very luxurious. You have to be suspicious.

The Best and Most Trusted Hajj and Umrah Travel Agent 2021

The various travel price lists for the Hajj and Umrah pilgrimages are as follows:

1. Jannah Firdaus

Travel Umrah Terbaik di Indonesia
The first list of the best and most trusted travel agencies in 2021 and Hajj is Jannah Firdaus, headquartered in Jakarta, and has many representatives in various parts of Indonesia. This operator is very experienced with an operational period of more than 10 years. Regarding legality, Jannah Firdaus has long been registered with the minister of religion and has official permits for Umrah and Hajj organizers.

Jannah Firdaus Indonesia is part of a travel company based in the city of Medina. The name is Booking International. Apart from Indonesia, there are also branch offices in several other countries that are international tourist destinations, such as in Egypt, Dubai, Tunisia and Turkey.

Apart from this, this travel is a hotel and visa provider. So do not be surprised if the visa issuance process takes place quickly and the packages offered are cheaper.

Packages ( Duration, Hotel, Price and Facilities)

The following are the Umrah and Hajj travel packages that can be provided by Jannah Firdaus:

a. Regular Umrah Package

  • Trip duration of 10 days
  • 3 and 4 star hotels
  • Cost range of 24 million - 27 million
  • Prices include facilities: Umrah Visa, Saudi Airlines PP (direct) Airplane Tickets, BNSP certified Tour Leader, Experienced Muthowif / ah, Full Board Eating and Drinking, Snack During City Tour, Airport VIP Lounge, Handling in Saudi and Indonesia, Air Zamzam 5 liters, Covid-19 Cover Insurance, Exclusive Equipment (Suitcases, Prayer Books, ID Cards, Ihram Cloth, Batik Cloth, Mukena, Scarves, Masks, Neck Pillows).

b. Pay Later Umrah Package

  • Umrah package with no deposit system. The catchphrase is Umrah, pay first.
  • The tenor is 12 months - 36 months with installments starting from 900 thousand per month.
  • Daily departure schedule except Monday with Saudi Airlines or Citilink airlines.
  • Other facilities are the same as the regular Umrah package.

c. Hajj Plus Package

  • VIP facility Hajj package with a shorter waiting period, according to the quota given to Indonesian pilgrims.
  • Five star hotels in Mecca and Medina.
  • The price is USD.12,000 (Twelve Thousand US Dollars) with a down payment of USD 5,000
  • Facilities include: Hajj fee deposits to the Government, 3 meals a day (Indonesian menu), Pilgrimage to historical places around the cities of Mecca and Medina, full AC bus transportation, Muthawif in Mecca and Medina, Hajj equipment, Zam-zam water 5 liter.

d. Furoda Hajj Package

  • Hajj package with VIP facilities without waiting period, immediately departs. Pilgrims carry out the pilgrimage during the registered haj season.
  • Five star hotels in Mecca and Medina.
  • The price is USD 17,500 (Seventeen Thousand Five Hundred US Dollars) with a down payment of USD 5,000.
  • Other facilities are the same as the Haj Plus package.

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